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Chaser: Redesigning the Slack task management app for hassle-free team collaboration

Chaser is an existing Slack integration that allows users to assign tasks right on Slack and helps users follow up on tasks with people in the organization automatically. It aims to provide a hassle-free, efficient and helpful task management experience to people working in a team.

Our team collaborated with Chaser to review the existing features and add new features, unlocking a hassle-free task management journey.

Our fundamental objective was to redefine Chaser as the ultimate hassle-free work management tool, empowering teams to effortlessly monitor work progress from anywhere, at any time.

Feb 2023 - Apr 2023
(12 weeks)

UX Designer: User research, Ideation, Wireframing

Project Manager: Oraganize timelines

Client Liaison: Maintain positive work relationships with client; Lead meetings

Founders of Chaser
5 x UX Designers


Problem Definition

Problem definition

Potential users need a way to delegate, receive and prioritise tasks meticulously and follow up with teammates without burden. However, Chaser is having limited functions and is not entirely developed yet which cannot fully fulfill target users’ needs.

Design Process

Design process

Stage 1


Chaser has a very small user base so we were not able to gather any insights from existing users. In this stage, we understood what potential users do and need in task management and their potential challenges, and identify the opportunities for Chaser to grow.

A close look on what we did with each research method 

Current state analysis

User interview

Competitive analysis

Highlighted Result

1. Inefficient task delegation and discomfort in following up with teammates can impede task assigners in maintaining team efficiency

Quotes from task assigners emphasize their challenges in achieving efficiency in teamwork

I feel embarrassed when following up on tasks, feel like disturbing others
(I try to) add the most details as possible, such as images, examples and expected results… As the people will not need to call you back to understand what's going on

2. Prioritizing tasks and being chased for updates appear to be the primary challenges for task assignees

Quotes from task assignees shed light on their difficulties when working with task assigners

(I) feel bored and annoyed (when being reminded of my tasks) because I know the due dates clearly
If somebody keeps checking in, I think that's a bit disturbing.

3. Limitations are found in Chaser's features compared with other task management tools

The task management arena is saturated with prominent competitors like Trello and Jira. While Chaser specializes in short-term projects or daily task delegations, its current features fall short in meeting users' needs, notably in terms of inadequate task tracking in the to-do list and rigid reminder scheduling.

Stage 2

Construct product and message blueprints

1. Effective task assigner annoyed by low transparency of team status
2. Confused task assignee lost in heavy workload yet annoyed by follow-ups from teammates

We developed two personas, task assigner and task assignee, which serve as the key characters for us to focus our effort on when we develop the key message and propose feature recommendations.


Key message and theme development: Design a messaging and construct supporting features

To address the challenges faced by our target personas, we developed a guiding message: "Provide a hassle-free work management tool to help teams keep track of work progress anytime and anywhere, thus alleviating the pressure on both task assigners and task assignees during busy work schedules."

We aim to convey three core values through the tool's interface and features:

  1. Organized: Chaser should assist users in staying organized in their work

  2. Stress-free: Chaser should reduce stress by simplifying work management

  3. Helpful: Chaser should genuinely help facilitate task management and collaboration

This exercise served as a foundation for brainstorming product features that align with these core values.

Based on this brainstorming, we have identified key feature recommendations, including:

  • Expanding the functions available in the "Send a To-do Window"

  • Revamping response options within task messages

  • Restructuring the to-do list for improved organization and usability

Feature decisions beyond a brand message:
As-is and ideal journey map

Apart from initiating the theme and messaging to decide the features, based on the personas' challenges, we mapped out the current and desired journey maps for both characters to identify the features that would most effectively support their user journeys. This exercise helped us pinpoint the features that address their pain points.

As-is journey map

Ideal journey map

To view the full range of ideas we brainstormed

Key message

Provide a hassle-free work management tool to help teams keep track of work progress anytime and anywhere, alleviating the task assigners and task assignees pressure during busy work schedules