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Yonderful: Developing a web app with a brand to clear yoga beginners' uncertainty

Yonderful is a yoga learning platform that helps online yoga beginners experiencing uncertainty in approaching yoga with personalised, easy-to-follow yoga tutorials and expert guidance to achieve their yoga learning goals. As a yogi who has personally encountered injuries during my yoga practice, I possess a deep understanding of the apprehension that can plague yoga beginners.

This understanding of the challenges faced by yoga beginners served as a driving force in the development of the Yonderful brand. At its core, Yonderful is built on a fundamental positioning: Clear the uncertainty; Master with guidance.

Mar 2023 - Aug 2023
(14 weeks)

Business Strategist: Brand strategy and core messaging

UX Designer: Website design

Project Owner: Project management

Lecturer (weekly consultation)
UX Designer (for idea brainstorm)


Problem Definition

Problem definition

Yoga beginners learning online lack the knowledge of doing yoga postures in the correct form despite an abundance of yoga resources, halting them from learning yoga correctly and demotivating them from continuing to learn yoga.

Design Process

Design process

Stage 1


A close look on what we did with each research method 

Secondary research


User Interview

Highlighted Result

1. Yoga beginners are the driving force behind the growing yoga market

Based on yoga statistics sourced from Made in CA, the Canadian yoga market reached a valuation of $861.78 million in 2022 and is expected to increase to $1,536.99 million by 2030. Within this expanding yoga landscape, a significant 98% comprises yoga practitioners at the beginner to intermediate levels.

2. Yoga beginners feel a sense of fear and they need advice

I further looked into what the biggest group of people in the yoga market -- Yoga beginners -- need. From the word cloud generated from the top 50 threads in r/yoga on Reddit, “yoga” and “beginners” show up most often, followed by “help”, “advice”, “recommendation”, and “fear” (generated as at 11:34 am Jul 30, 2023)

3. And, they do not know whether they are doing right or wrong when they are practicing

Some quotes from interviewees highlighting their uncertainty in learning yoga

I found my posture wrong until a friend told me.
I just mimicked what the instructor did. I don't know if it is wrong.
I can't follow the video thoroughly. I really need clear voice guidance

Stage 2

Construct the product and messaging blueprint

Understand users' personality:

Potential users are goal-oriented but in a state of self-doubt

After understanding users' pain points, I used the Big Five Personality framework to understand users' personalities and define their characteristics. The reason why I did this is that I wanted to know how Yonderful should work so that they would be attracted to the products, and what persona I should develop to allow me to make informed decisions.

Featured personality of the potential users

  • Goal-Oriented: Many potential users who come to Yonderful to learn yoga already have specific goals in mind. They are eager to work towards these goals and view Yonderful as a valuable tool to help them achieve their yoga aspirations.

  • Neurotic: Despite the abundance of yoga videos available online, users often find it challenging to master the practice. This struggle can lead to a state of self-doubt, as they worry about the potential setbacks they might encounter along the way.


Persona: Online yoga beginner who is doubting her ability to learn yoga despite her dedication to current practice

I developed a persona to represent the target user -- online yoga beginners who have zero or little yoga experience -- to help myself better confine my thinking when brainstorming the features. 


Branding and core message: Design the narratives and features

With a deep understanding of our users, I crafted a brand script to chart a course for how our brand can aid users in reaching their goals. This process served to elucidate our key messages. Following this, I formulated a key message house, which outlines the messages users should get from our products and demonstrates how the features support each messaging pillar.

Brandscript (Template from

Key message house

Core message:
Clear the uncertainty, Master with guidance
Brainstorm features with Crazy Eight and an affinity diagram
Define minimum viable product (MVPs)